Dinner of June: Bottega Louie

Happy July 4th to those in America!!

I hope everyone is having a blast today and enjoying the fireworks! For those not in America, happy July! We’re right in the middle of summer..and you know what that means right?! It means delicious food and adventures waiting for everyone! Today, I wanted to update everyone with my somewhat recent food adventure to Bottega Louie!

For those of you who are not familiar with this Los Angeles restaurant, it’s located in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles. It houses a Restaurant, Gourmet Market, Cafe, and Patisserie. It has a very classy but modern vibe and is always swarming with people. It’s actually one of the most Instagram-ed places in L.A.! Many go for only their desserts like their delectable, colorful macarons, but today, I wanted to share with you guys my experiences dining at their restaurant!

Because Bottega Louie does not take reservations, my boyfriend and I planned to arrive~7:00ish to ensure we’d be seated at a reasonable time. Since it was a busy Saturday night, we opted to park at the parking structure across of Bottega Louie. It was $7 flat rate from what I recall, and that’s a steal in Downtown L.A.! However, for those who don’t mind the valet, there is valet service right outside the restaurant! Once we parked, we trekked over to Bottega Louie and was told that our wait time was roughly 30-45 minutes, if I recall correctly. No matter, it would give me time to peruse the menu and their Patisserie section while I wait! With those two activities combined, I was occupied until we were seated right near where they made their in-house pizza!

Since we both made a decision on our food choices, we ordered immediately. My boyfriend opted for the Tagliatelle Bolognese while I chose the Cestini Gamber. Of course, we had to order their famous Portobello Fries as an appetizer! Food came in a jiffy..and boy were we hungry!

Tagliatelle Bolognese – His


Portobello Fries (top); Cestini Gamber (bottom) – Hers

The food: 

Portobello Fries – the Portobello Fries were simply amazing, as usual, and don’t be fooled by the size of the basket. There’s actually plenty inside for two as an appetizer! Even between our two enormous appetites, we barely finished the appetizer after our two entrees.

Cestini Gamber – the Cestini Gamber was delicious! It was the perfect combination of savory yet not overwhelming. There was a delicate balance between its tastefulness without being too heavy on the stomach. I always worry when I try new pasta plates that it would be too heavy and I would end up feeling bloated. Not with this plate! I highly recommend this dish to folks who like seafood pasta, particularly those who do not particularly enjoy cream sauce!

Tagliatelle Bolognese – ahh, this Bolognese did no disappoint. Just like the Gamber, it was the perfect balance of taste without the heaviness. I did not eat as much of this one since it was my boyfriend’s selection (and I don’t want to steal too much of his food), so all I can say is highly recommend for those who prefer the traditional meat with their pasta! You won’t be disappointed!

The service: as expected for a classy Downtown L.A. restaurant, their service was on point. The staff were friendly and efficient, despite how busy it was on Saturday night. There is a dedicated server for each area to ensure that customers are satisfied and happy, and I for one have no complaints.

The ambiance: Bottega Louie is definitely one of the busier restaurants, and one that I would not recommend if you’re looking for a super romantic, sultry atmosphere. However, Bottega Louie has a modern, posh vibe to it with a twist of L.A. night life. Unlike Mastro’s (see my previous Mastro’s experience), Bottega Louie’s restaurant is spacious, clean, with very high ceilings that allow the sound to dissipate rather than be trapped. It will still be noisy given the sheer amount of people going through, but at least I didn’t walk out with a headache and sore ears.

Overall: I definitely would give Bottega Louie an A for is solid service and delicious food that do not disappoint. One HUGE bonus is their wide variety of desserts..because who can say no to desserts! We will definitely be returning to Bottega Louie to try some of their other famous dishes, including their home-made pizza and souffle! And of course, for their amazing dessert selection and beautiful wrapping that just warms a girl’s heart.

Desserts to go! Opted to select their mini tarts in order to try a variety!


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more of my adventures and reviews!!

~::The Whimsy Me::~





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