Dinner of the Week: First Experience at Mastro’s Steakhouse Beverly Hills

Good Evening! 🙂

Happy Easter weekend!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with their loved ones. I, for one, had an amazing weekend just resting and recuperating from a busy busy week at work, and furthermore! My beloved boyfriend and I decided to do something special this weekend to reward ourselves…so we made reservations at Mastro’s Steakhouse! Mastro’s is a restaurant located at Beverly Hills, CA near Rodeo Drive. It’s definitely not one of those weekly escapades for us (Mastro’s is listed as a $$$$ on Yelp!) However, I’ve never had the opportunity to go, and we decided to be have a classy evening date.

As an intro for those who are not familiar with Mastro’s, it’s definitely one of the most acclaimed steakhouses in LA. It’s also one of those restaurants that many do aim to try at least once, and for good reason. We arrived at Beverly Hills roughly around 6:40pm for our 7:15pm reservation, and because of our personal choice not to do valet parking, we went looking for parking. Thankfully, the public parking structure right across the street was charging $5 flat rate for vehicles entering after 6pm! That’s such a steal for areas like Beverly Hills, Downtown LA etc where parking gets difficult. Just in time, we arrived at the restaurant at 7pm. It was already sight to see with a huge “Mastro’s” sign and someone waiting to greet you at the door. We entered and whoa, was I shocked. That place was packed! But, no matter, we made reservations!

Roughly about 10-15 minutes later, we were seated in a corner spot. Now, I must admit I was still overwhelmed by the level of noise and how dark it was inside the restaurant. There was a bar right near the entrance/check-in area, and that area is located right next to the dining area. When we were escorted into the dining area, it was packed with large parties, and it was quite hard to navigate through. However, I was not about to let that tidbit bring my mood down…after all, it’s my first time here! Once we were seated, we perused through the menu, although my boyfriend and I actually made our decisions prior to arriving since we looked ahead at the menu (what can I say, I like to be ready). We gave our order after our servers arrived with our water and bread, and now, let the food adventure begin!

We started our dinner with a French Onion Soup ($14) and Sauteed Sea Scallops ($25)

Onion Soup

The french onion soup was good and exactly how I expected it to taste. Not that that is bad, but I wasn’t too surprised.

2017-04-16 (5)

The sea scallop, however, was delicious, albeit on the salty side, but the texture was to die for. The only thought I had other than the amazing texture was I probably would have preferred them to pair the scallop with regular french bread rather than garlic bread to help balance out the taste. Overall, this was a fantastic start to our meal, but also a foreboding one. We were so full after finishing the scallops that we were concerned about our main entree!

For our main entree, we went for the 22oz bone-in Ribeye ($59) with a side of their famous Alaskan King Crab Black Truffle Gnocchi (~$35). The best part and one that really won over my heart was that they helped us cut the Ribeye into two portions and plated them separately for us!

IMG_20170415_195527Ribeye with a side of Crab & Black Truffle Gnocchi – Hers

IMG_20170415_195616Ribeye with bone-in and side of Crab & Black Truffle Gnocchi – His

While we were already starting to get full, the aroma and sight of the Ribeye just tempted us too much. We just started eating, and eating..and then just continued until we both finished our respective portions! The steak was tender with enough seasoning and flavor in every bite. My worst fear when it comes to steak is an uneven distribution of seasoning where some areas are extremely savory and others are bland. Not from Mastro’s! The steak had an even distribution and I savored and loved each and every piece, and we just devoured the steak (elegantly though).

The gnocchi, on the other hand, we did not finish. However, since I had the smaller piece of the steak, I did get the luxury of trying more of the gnocchi. Eating it alone was a bit too thick for my taste buds, but together with the black truffle slices and crab meat, it was just so so good! Overall, the gnocchi is on the heavier side and we wanted to make sure we didn’t let the steak go to waste. Thus, we made the executive decision to take the leftover gnocchi home (best choice we made).

For our finale, we actually were celebrating our anniversary, and the restaurant was kind enough to give this as a little surprise for us (for free)! Despite us being extremely full and sated, we made attempts to at least try some of the cake while it was still fresh and proceed to pack the rest home.


 Overall Experience: …Mastro’s lived up to my expectations

Overall, I would say I give Mastro’s a B+.

The food: The food definitely deserved an A. From the french onion soup to the steak and our dessert, we had no complaints. Everything was delicious, and while I wasn’t overly surprised by the soup and gnocchi, the scallops and steak definitely made up for it.

The service: Our servers were extremely attentive and also an A, and we never had to wait too long for anything, whether it was for our food to come, for our dishes to be collected, or for our waters to be refilled. Granted, that level of service is typical for restaurants on the higher-end of the spectrum, I’d still like to send my appreciation for the quality of service.

The ambiance: This category is probably what made my rating for Mastro’s go down. It’s not really their fault, but I just couldn’t get past the level of noise in the restaurant. My boyfriend has a deeper register, and with him sitting across from me at the table, it made our conversations really difficult. My ears were almost getting tired of the noise level, and most definitely, I would not call the atmosphere romantic. It’s is definitely on the side of Saturday Night Fun and the “it” scene rather than a romantic atmosphere, which is what I prefer when we decide to dine out at fancier places than our norm.

Overall: Overall, I’d say that Mastro’s lived up to my expectations in terms of the quality of food and service. Would I dine there again? Maybe. It might be dependent on my mood and what type of atmosphere I’d be comfortable in. However, for those who are looking for a romantic ambiance with alone time, I would recommend looking into some of the other restaurants in LA. For those who want to feel like part of the LA dining scene, though, Mastro’s is definitely a spot to consider.

Thanks for reading!

~::The Whimsy Me::~


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