Song of the Month: 讓我放開 by 胡鴻鈞 (Hubert Wu)

Hellooo everyone!

While I’m still in the trial phase of the Innisfree product, I’d thought to share with everyone my “Song of the Month”! For my Song of the Month, I chose 胡鴻鈞 (Hubert Wu)’s song 讓我放開 (song title roughly translates to “Allow me to let go”).

Hubert Wu is a Hong Kong artist who debuted after he was a well-loved contestant of Hong Kong’s version of The Voice, a show created and broadcasted by TVB. I’ve followed Hubert since he was part of the show and love his voice and singing style. However, this song is  my absolute favorite from him. As a introduction, this song is in Cantonese Chinese, for those who are not aware of the cantopop scene. 讓我放開, in my interpretation, is a song about love and changes that life brings. In summary, the song is spoken from Hubert’s perspective that as he is trying to convince the one he loves that he needs to let go, and she needs to understand why. Despite the two being still in love with one another, circumstances, time, and environment has changed their relationship and even themselves. In Hubert’s eyes, letting her go is the best way he can love and protect her because he does not want to keep her in this relationship as she is repeatedly hurt by their relationship and by him.

Now, while I love this song, I don’t necessarily agree with the decision Hubert is making. Of course, each relationship is unique and special, and there may be times where letting the other person go may be the best path to take given the circumstances. At the same time, it is also important to keep in mind that relationships is a constant nurturing process. What is important is that we keep in mind, daily, that we are nourishing and fostering the relationship with our loved ones through communication and understanding. Perhaps, in that sense, we can minimize the possibility of reaching the heartbreaking point of Hubert’s song.

Stay tuned for my upcoming song of the months!

~::The Whimsy Me::~


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