The Best of Innisfree Orchid Collection: Review Introduction

Happy Sunday everyone! (or Monday, depending on your timezone…)

Spring is here and that also means I need to switch up my skincare routine! For those of you who are aware of Korean beauty brands and products, you’ve probably heard of and use Innisfree. For those who have never head of Innisfree, it’s a Korean beauty/skin-care brand with a brand philosophy focusing on the use of natural ingredients and eco-friendly materials in creating their products. I admit I had actually started using select products of this brand not too long ago, so that really is the extent of my knowledge. However, as I was recently searching for a new face cream for this transitional weather, Innisfree happened to offer this delectably cute collection, and for the amount of products I can that given price, I just couldn’t resist…so here it goes!

Introducing….Innisfree’s “The Best of Innisfree Orchid Collection”! The collection is priced at $29 USD on and comes in an adorable and reusable white tin container:


When you open it, you will see one regular size of their Best seller, the Orchid Enriched Cream (50 mL) and a sample-sized collection of their other best selling products.

The sample size products include:

  • Green Tea Seed Serum ( 30 mL)
  • Orchid Skin (50 mL): can serve as a serum or toner – meant to be a protective, nourishing layer for your skin
  • Orchid Lotion (50 mL)
  • Green Tea Sleeping Pack (20 mL)
  • Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (20 mL)


Now, there were several reasons why I decided to purchase this collection. One, as I mentioned, I was in a dire need of replenishing my face cream, and this collection included a full size face cream. Innisfree had been promoting the Orchid Enriched Cream as one of their best products, so, I thought, why not? I should give this a try.  Also, speaking of best sellers, I have had the opportunity to try the Green Tea Sleeping Pack, as well as the Volcanic Clay Mask.  I have to say…. I absolutely love love love those products! A quick review of those products:

Green Team Sleeping Pack: 

Ever since I started using their Sleeping Pack, I’ve foregone using night creams after my nightly routine. Instead, I apply a sheer layer of toner after washing my face and then apply a layer of the Green Tea Sleeping Pack before I sleep. I leave it on over night as I would for face cream and just wash off the next day. Personally, my skin type is dry-combination, and trust me, I’ve tried many many different night creams. Yet, the sleep mask keeps my skin hydrated even through the long night, and I feel so refreshed washing my face off the next day.

Volcanic Clay Mask

Now, the volcanic clay mask texture may or may not be for everyone, but again, I couldn’t turn back once I’ve tried this product. Often times, using deep-cleanse masks tend to make my skin overly sensitive after usage, but not this one! I can see and feel my skin feeling refreshed and cleansed after using this product (though I do wonder sometimes if it’s placebo effect), and I just feel soooooo satisfied after I wash the clay mask off! The key, though, is to be sure you apply evenly over your face and to be sure you wash off all the clay after. It does take a bit longer to wash off than some other products, but I assure you it’s well worth it!

So, I’ve just started using the Orchid Cream two days ago, and I do want to give it a couple of days of trying before I review the product. Stay tuned everyone!

Thanks for reading!

~::The Whimsy Me::~


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